Committees - meet the team

Honorary chairs

F. Esteva

Adjunct Professor ad Honorem at the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC). He used to be the director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the CSIC. He was one of the founders of the EUSFLAT and the first President of the society.

E. P. Klement

Professor of mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Researcher in areas of Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy control, Triangular Norms, Measure and Integration Theory, Applications to Probability and Game Theory, etc. Source:

L. A. Zadeh

A mathematician, computer scientist, electrical engineer, artificial intelligence researcher and professor emeritus of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Source:

General chairs

V. Mařík

Director of CIIRC, founder of the Rockwell Automation Research Center Prague and Co-founder of the Czech Technical University Media Laboratory. An author or a co-author of more than 170 publications, including 5 US patents.

V. Novák

Director of IRAFM, a mathematician. An Author or a co-author of more than 200 publications from various fields in fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic, fuzzy control and computer science.

Advisory Board

O. Cordón


D. Dubois


J. Kacprzyk


R. Kruse


J. Montero


G. Pasi


Programme chairs

B. De Baets


L. Godo


I. Perfilieva

Czech Republic

M. Reformat


Organizing chairs

M. Navara

Czech Republic

M. Štěpnička

Czech Republic

Publication chairs

P. Hurtik

Czech Republic

L. Martínez Lopez


Publicity chairs

J. Ignjatović


V. Kreinovich


D. Sánchez


S.P. Tiwari


Special session chairs

M. Ojeda-Aciego


R. Mesiar


G. De Tré


Grants and awards chairs

C. Marsala


E. Szmidt


Registration Chair

M. Zeithamlová

Czech Republic

Programme committee

Abraham A. (USA)
Aguzzoli S. (Italy)
Alahvirnaloo T. (Iran)
Alonso J. M. (Spain)
Angelov P. (UK)
Atanassov K. T. (Bulgaria)
Baczynski M. (Poland)
Balas V. (Romania)
Bede B. (USA)
Belohlavek R. (Czech Republic)
Bouchon-Meunier B. (France)
Carvalho J. P. (Portugal)
Cintula P. (Czech Republic)
Collan M. (Finland)
Di Nola A. (Italy)
Diaz S. I. (Spain)
Durante F. (Italy)
Gągolewski M. (Poland)
Garibaldi J. (UK)
Gomide F. (Brazil)
Grabisch M. (France)
Grzegorzewski P. (Poland)
Herrera F. (Spain)
Herrera-Viedma E. (Spain)
Holeňa M. (Czech Republic)
Huellermeier E. (Germany)
Chen G. Q. (China)
Inuiguchi M. (Japan)
Jayaram B. (India)
Kacprzyk J. (Poland)
Kahraman C. (Turkey)
Kalina M. (Slovakia)
Kaymak U. (Netherlands)
Klawonn F. (Germany)
Koczy L. (Hungary)
Kolesárová A. (Slovakia)
Kupka J. (Czech Republic)
Lodwick W. A. (USA)
Lughofer E. (Austria)
Madrid N. (Spain)
Magdalena L. (Spain)
Medina J. (Spain)
Močkoř J. (Czech Republic)
Molina C. L. (Spain)
Montes S. (Spain)
Navara M. (Czech Republic)
Noguera C. (Czech Republic)
Nurmi H. (Finland)
Pedrycz W. (Canada)
Pivert O. (France)
Platoš J. (Czech Republic)
Portmann E. (Switzerland)
Prade H. (France)
Ramík J. (Czech Republic)
Snášel V. (Czech Republic)
Sousa J. (Portugal)
Straccia U. (Italy)
Sussner P. (Brazil)
Šešelja B. (Serbia)
Šostak A. (Latvia)
Teheux B.(Luxembourg)
Torra V. (Spain)
Tulupyev A. (Russia)
Verdegay J. L. (Spain)
Vetterlein T. (Austria)
Yarushkina N. (Russia)
Yoon J. H. (Korea)